Who we are

GINYL is a cross culture company, we lived in Asia, South America and Europe. For us, it is important to bring simplicity in life and have a permanent exchange with many culture. Our Startup project is the combination of this two aspects: a multicultural team and a common passion for technology. All our life are surrounded by technology, from the morning to the evening, we are genuine geeks but our team is consistent of some complicated and very expensive aspect of the latest technology innovations. Now, let’s close your eyes, keep calm, because you just discover the place to be. All our products have been selected by our team, not expensive, good quality and simple.

GINYL work in deep collaboration with providers and designers in China, Japan, Europe and South America, our products are the result of our melting pot, and our ideas : the wish to bring simple and cheap technological products for everyone. GINYL, it’s everything : a LED light, a smartwatch, a drone, a smart wearable, accessories of gaming, accessories for smartphone, sport accessories, etc… GINYL is the extension of the Japanese Origami, the art of paper folding, the art to change every piece of paper in a beautiful object, GINYL change every technological product in a simple and affordable product because the technology innovation progress should be democratic and accessible. So we want to open to you a new gate, a new universe, the GINYL Universe.

Our Culture

The GINYL culture is about helping customers & our employees live a better life.

Our goal is to make the people access good products at a right price.

Our success and rapid growth is built on the spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation, and an unwavering focus on meeting the needs of our customers.

We believe that a strong sense of shared values enables us to maintain a common company culture and community, no matter how large we grow.

Our Values

Our values are fundamental to the way we operate and how we recruit, evaluate and compensate our people. Our six values are:

We want to bring simple product for everyone.

The technological innovations should be accessible to everyone and not only for the richest people.

We hate complexity in design and in usability because simplicity is the key of happiness.

We don’t like to spend all of our salary to purchase a product that we love.

We are geek and we are happy to live differently.

We love differences and we believe in technological progress.